Popular machines

  • 产品概要: OPTOMEC is the first company which revolutionized the additive manufacturing thanks to unique 3D printing technologies: LENS® SYSTEMS and Aerosol JET® technologies.
  • 产品概要: SISMA, a reference for design and production of high precision machinery, was founded in 1961 in Schio (VI). The company has revolutionized the traditional production techniques and limited the investment casting and machining.
  • 产品概要: Digital Wax Systems or DWS was born in 2007, this Italian company is specialized in 3D printer using SLA (stereolithography) technology to design and manufacture model.
  • 产品概要: LapSim® system includes a hardware interface with tactile and non-tactile interfaces, customizable basics and specials training and a laparoscopic training software.
  • 产品概要: 3D (3D Bio-printing) print is a three-dimensional computer model of user only design or medical image reconstruction based on discrete method, and numerical control integrity by software, positioning biological materials or living cells...